KAWS: we are Special

Poster Design

​海报设计:KAWS: "因为我们很特别”

Designing an exclusive poster for the KAWS art exhibition. The name of the exhibition is KAWS: We are Special, which is homophonic with Cause We Are Special in English, translating to "因为我们很特别" in Chinese. Compared with the exaggerated design, the two posters choose a simple and clean style, using KAWS iconic elements xx and KAWS iconic sculpture to present the special nature of the theme. Sculpted heads of different colors represent individuals with different personalities, each born unique.

KAWS艺术展览设计专属海报展览名为KAWS: We are Special,在英语中谐音与Cause We Are Special同音,翻译中文名为“因为我们很特别”。比起夸张的设计,两款海报选用了简洁干净的风格,运用KAWS标志性元素xx以及KAWS标志性雕塑呈现出主题的特殊性。不同颜色的雕塑头像代表不同性格的个体,每个人生来独一无二。




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