Poster Design

海报设计: VCD海报展宣传海报

Designed a poster for the 2021 ASU VCD Virtual Poster Show. Many people are living in quarantines during 2020-2021 due to the Covid-19 Virus outbreak. During this time, ASU started online teaching, where students could stay at home and communicate with their professors and classmates through zoom. Living at home without going outside was like staying in a jar, doing the same thing in the same place every day. This poster is a good wish for the early end of the virus, that everyone's life will return to the usual, and that they will be able to breathe fresh air freely. At the same time, it also expresses that although people cannot see each other during the quarantine, we can still "connect" with each other through computers and internet devices.

ASU VCD海报展设计宣传海报。2020-2021年期间因为疫情爆发,很多人开始了隔离的生活。在此期间ASU也展开了线上教学,学生们可以待在家里通过zoom和教授以及同学们进行交流。在家里不出门的生活就像待在罐子里,每天在一样的位置做一样的事情。这张海报是对疫情早日结束的美好愿望,愿每个人的生活能回到往常,能够自由自在的呼吸新鲜空气。与此同时,也表达出人们虽然在隔离期间无法见面,但是我们依然可以通过电脑以及网络设备”连接“着彼此。



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