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包装设计:Earnest & Humble CO 咖啡包装

Designed the packaging for the American coffee brand Earnest & Humble CO. The packaging retains the brand's original logo and takes the production process of coffee as the theme, combined with the brand's own concept of environmental protection and nature. Showing the process from human sowing to growing in nature, and finally growing coffee beans and cooking into the coffee. Design a series of packages with a simple hand-drawn style that allows the patterns of different packages to be connected.

为美国本土咖啡品牌Earnest & Humble CO设计包装。包装保留品牌原有Logo,以咖啡的生产过程为主题,结合品牌自身环保自然的理念,展示从人类播种到在大自然中成长,最后长出咖啡豆并烹调成咖啡的过程。以简笔手绘风格绘制可拼接的系列包装。

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