​Coca-Cola Pop-Up Store

Exhibition Design


Designed a limited pop-up store for Coca-Cola. With Coca-Cola red as the main color, the store offers customers a place to eat, drink and have fun. On the first floor, the beverage machines are marked with flags of different countries, and customers can drink Coca-Cola special drinks from different countries. On the second floor, there is an entertainment and photo area with crane machines and egg twisters for fun.

为可口可乐设计限定快闪店。以可口可乐红为主色调, 为顾客提供吃喝玩乐为一体的场所。一楼饮料机器标有不同国家的国旗, 顾客可以喝到来自不同国家的可口可乐特饮。二楼为娱乐拍照区, 为提高趣味性,摆放娃娃机和扭蛋器。

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Structure & Views


Final pop up booklet 2.jpg
Final pop up booklet .jpg


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