Poster Design

海报设计: VCD毕业展宣传海报

Designed typographic version poster for the ASU VCD graduation exhibition. The theme of the graduation exhibition is social issues. The poster uses the word "alter" as the theme and is designed with text distortion. The black shadows and white parts show a strong contrast between the past and the future. At the same time, it shows a good desire to make a change in these social issues. As participants of the graduation exhibition, the names of the recent graduates are shown on the shadow of the theme "Alter".

ASU VCD毕业展览设计宣传海报。毕业展览以社会议题为主题,在此基础上海报使用单词”改变”为主题,进行文字变形设计。黑影及白色部分展现出过去和未来的强烈对比。与此同时,体现出对社会议题有所改变的美好愿望。比较特别的是,作为毕业展览的参与者,应届毕业生的名字全部展现在海报主题”改变“的影子上。



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