Planet Of The Roses

Product Design

产品设计: 手工桌面装饰摆件

Designed a unique item based on personal personalities. The theme of this product is the Planet Of The Rose,a collection of business card holders, brochures, unused space, trays, and handmade epoxy resin balls. Each ball is made into a planet style, the upper part with brilliant colors, the bottom half is transparent, different colors represent my different personality traits. In addition, the product from the ball, manuals to wood products are all handmade by me.

以个人性格特征为主题,设计独一无二的物品。产品主题为玫瑰星球,是集合名片夹, 册子,闲置格子,托盘及可更换的手工制作滴胶球为一体的桌面摆件。每个硅胶球制作成星球样式,上半部分带有绚丽的色彩,下半部分为透明状,不同颜色代表我不同的性格特点。另外,该产品从球,手册到木制品全部由我纯手工制作。




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